Mayer Hawthorne and The County

Mayer Hawthorne’s “How Do You Do” world tour stopped in Charlotte on May 12th, 2012, at The Neighborhood Theatre. This was my first time seeing Mayer Hawthorne perform live and it was hands down one of my favorite shows that I have attended. Hawthorne brings back the smooth sounds of soul, jazz with a pop edge, funk, and R&B.  As Mayer Hawthorne was introduced, the stage was lit up with a giant “M” & “H” and a glowing broken heart-shaped logo while his band The County had choreographed dance moves similar to The Temptations. Before Mayer began to sing, he explained that this is no concert, this is a show.

Concertgoers nowadays are constantly using their camera phones to take photos and videos and viewing the show through their phone screens. Half way through his performance, Hawthorne had the audience take out their camera phones and cameras and Hawthorne and his band-mates began to pose for the audience. He then had one of his band-mate’s take a photo of him sitting on his leather chair with his back towards the audience and told the audience to raise their hands. After two minutes of posing, he had everyone put away their cameras for the rest of the show, so that they can fully enjoy the show.

The venue was filled with people of all ages. He had the crowd engaged throughout his performance. Encouraging the audience to get up and enjoy themselves, even teaching the audience how to dance the Errol Flynn in time for his next song, “A Long Time”.

Set list included songs such as “The Walk” (tells a bombshell with a bad attitude to take a hike),”No Strings”, “Henny and Gingerale”, “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” (a story about his needy ex-girlfriend), “A Long Time” (where Mayer taught the crowd a dance called the Errol Flynn), “Dreaming” and paying homage to Hall & Oates singing “You Make My Dreams”.

With his geeky glasses, charm, tailored suits, and soulful sound, Mayer Hawthorne’s shows transports you back to the Motown era. Make sure to go see Mayer Hawthorne perform live. You will not be disappointed. Go check out his website below to see when he will be in your neck of the woods.

Facebook: Mayer Hawthorne

Twitter: Mayer Hawthorne

Website: Mayer Hawthorne


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