Q & A with Courtney Garcia

Q & A with Courtney Garcia

Welcome to another Q & A Session! Get to know Courtney Garcia. Courtney specializes in Portrait Photography. Enjoy the interview and if you enjoyed what you read as much as me, please leave a comment.

1. Tell us about yourself. How did you get started in photography?

Well Ginny, I actually did a blog post myself the other day about this specific topic because I myself had been wondering why I was doing what I’ve been doing. It’s not a simple answer, so let’s send these people over there to read it. Why do I do this, this photography thing

2. What does photography mean to you?

It’s really about the human interaction you get with photography. The connections with people, and exploring them as human beings.

3. What type of Photography Business do you have?

I have a portraiture business, where I work with the naturalness of people, the surroundings, and light. I’m not the biggest fan of Photoshop, and just enjoy bringing out the natural beauty in everyone

© Courtney Garcia

4. I know that you like to shoot using Natural Lighting, but is there any equipment that you use during a shoot?

Most of my shoots are on location so I do love just working with the natural light, but as it doesn’t normally listen to my commands, I almost always use a reflector to bend it to my will.

5. What are your views on using Photoshop?

Big question. I came into school not knowing very much about Photoshop, and really the more I’ve learned how to use it, the more I don’t enjoy it. It’s a great tool for changing an image into black and white, getting rid of those pimples, or some stray mishap or such. When it comes to more of the (in my opinion) extremes, such as thinning a person, complete skin smoothing, removing freckles, getting rid of “excessive” veins, and the list goes on, I am not a fan and do not practice those techniques. I really do focus on the natural beauty and I want my clients to see themselves and not some media warranted photography.

© Courtney Garcia

6. What attracts you to black and white photography?

There is something about black and white photography that just strips things down to the emotion and rawness of an image. I don’t think that every image can be black and white, there’s some unnamable quality about an image that allows for it.

7. Can you tell us how about your High-Key Lighting Series? What inspired you?

The High-Key series is easily one of my favorite series. I loved making those photographs, still love making those I should say as that is a series that I really don’t think will ever end. I have always enjoyed the body, it’s something that has stuck with me since the beginning of my photography career. Literally no body is the same, we all move differently, and I was amazed that those thoughts seem to be coming alive to me in front of the camera.

© Courtney Garcia

8. What has been the most surprising reaction to your photographs?

Most surprising would have to come from the high-key series, as much as I loved them, I was sure no one else would, peoples reaction to those still surprise me.

9. How has social media helped you to promote your work? How much time do you invest in it?

Social media is clearly a help in marketing my work. It really is very easy to reach a lot of people through it, and even many people you would not come across as easily. I try to invest in it at least an 30 minutes a day, which doesn’t sound like a lot, and sometimes isn’t, until you think I’ve got to update my blog, look at other blogs, comment on blogs, update Facebook, comment on Facebook, and always uploading, it can get a bit tiring.

10. What are the biggest personal or professional challenges you face as a photographer?

Challenges, I may have to say my age, not necessarily because I am young, but more because there is beginning to be so many faux-tographers out there that I have to be that much better to make sure I am seen as professional and not one of them.
11. What sets you apart from other photographers?

My winning attitude? I do love to work with people, and the interaction that comes from it that I believe comes across in the relationships with the people I photograph, but also my style of giving people photographs of themselves and not a Photoshop masterpiece.

© Courtney Garcia

12. What is the ONE lasting impression you want people to have after seeing your photos?

A breathe of fresh air.

13. Where do you see yourself in the future as a photographer? Where do you think it will lead you?

I’ll still be a portraiture photographer with my own business. I can’t say where that will lead me, but if it leads me to a long life of photographing what I love then I have to say I’ll be good.

14. What tips would you give to aspiring photographers?

Explore all the avenues of photography; I begin thinking I was going to do one thing, and ended up going another way, so you never know what your true passion will be.

15. Finally, what other thoughts would you like to share?

In the end, just don’t regret anything.


Thanks for reading!! :)

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