Q & A with Karla Rae Eargle

Q & A with Karla Rae Eargle

Welcome to another Q & A Session! Get to know Karla Rae Eargle. Karla specializes in Horror Photography. Enjoy the interview and if you enjoyed what you read as much as me, please leave a comment.

Tell us about yourself. How did you get started in photography?

I remember always loving taking photographs and loving having my picture taken. From the time I was 16 when I got my first camera, it was a Nikon film camera and I took it everywhere. It was then that I knew photography is what I wanted to do. It was around the same time that I wanted to be a Crime Scene photographer. I did a lot of research on it and sadly you had to become a full Police Officer to even be considered for Crime Scene Photography. I floated around for awhile at different colleges, got my degree in Teleproduction and finally in 2008 I started my photography degree at the Art Institute of Charlotte. Horror is something I have always loved and it took a while for me to figure out that I could incorporate it into my photography, now it’s hard not to!

© Karla Rae

2.      What does photography mean to you?

Photography is about expression of emotions and feelings. I put a lot of myself in to my work and I love seeing and hearing what other people say about my work, what emotions they get out of it. It’s different for everyone, no one is going to feel the same thing and I love that about photography. Even if two people shoot the same thing, it’s going to be different. It’s all about what you put into your photographs..

3.      What type of equipment do you use?

Currently I’m using a Canon Rebel sXi and a Hensel Light kit.

4.  How did you come up with the ideas for Pretty Dead Girl and Horror Fashion?

The Pretty Dead Girls idea was something Brittany Edmiston and I came up with. We have two very different styles of photography and we thought it would be interesting to put them together and see what happened. The outcome was better than expected. I’m so happy with how the series came out. As far as the Horror Fashion series, it’s something I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while now. It started out as just wanting to bring horror into fashion but after I started shooting the idea of personal stories that have left non-visible wounds and bringing them out in the open came about. I’m still shooing this series and want to continue both series.

5.     What has been the most surprising reaction to your photographs?

I really wanted people to have to stop and think about my photographs. I expected people to have some negative reactions and not completely understand them. I was honestly the most surprised when people were giving me positive feedback and really started to appreciate my work. I love that people like what I do, it was just shocking at first that there are so many other people that were as into my work as I am.

© Karla Rae

6.     What is your editing technique?

For me, it depends on the project. Usually I go through all the images I shot for the day in Bridge and select the ones I like and think will work for the project. I process them all in Photoshop and then edit them down from there. I finish up with additional Photoshop work from that edit.

7.      What inspires you to create each series? Who influences you?

I get inspiration from everything! Horror movies, random words, music, real life events, and my own personal stories. I don’t really have any influences, but I really admire Joshua Hoffine; he’s a horror photographer, I love what he does. He uses his friends and family in his photos and comes up with these scenes that look like they are right out of a horror movie. Eli Roth, is also someone I admire, he’s a horror director, writer, producer and I love all of his work. One of my favorite quotes is by him, “If I don’t come home covered in blood, I didn’t do my job as a horror director, “I feel that way about my photography sometimes!

8.     How has social media helped you to promote your work? How much time do you invest in it?

Recently Facebook has really helped promote my work and upcoming art shows. I don’t spend a lot of time with it, I post maybe once a week if I have projects I’m working on. One photo from each set then direct them to my website.

© Karla Rae

9.     What are the biggest personal or professional challenges you face as a photographer?

For me, it would have to be the genre I work in. Horror isn’t universal so not everyone is going to like what I do. However I hope that people can see that there is more to what I do that just blood and gore.

10.  What is your favorite image and Why? (either your own or someone else’s or both)

My favorite image of my own would have to be the last diptychs in my Moulage Diptych series.  As seen here!

11.  Tell us your funniest, scariest, most bizarre story from a photo shoot.

When Brittany Edmiston and I were shooting the Pretty Dead Girls we did most of them in public places and got a few stares here and there but there was one time we were on the side of the road with our model and scared pretty much everyone that drove by. Especially because it was during 5 o’clock traffic! We got yelled at by one of the people that lived near by once we had moved from the side of the road to the field near the road, people were walking by on the sidewalk they didn’t see me or Brittany but our model laying in a plastic bag looking dead, they stared and freaked out when our model sat up and waved!

12.  What is the ONE lasting impression you want people to have after seeing your photos?

There is beauty everything, even horror.

© Karla Rae

13.   Where do you see yourself in the future as a photographer? Where do you think it will lead you?

With my own studio, traveling around to different places doing Horror Shoots.

14.  What tips would you give to aspiring photographers?

Find something you love shooting and keep doing it. It will never seem like work when you’re doing something you’re really passionate about.

15.  Finally, what other thoughts would you like to share?

Ginny, you’re crazy…longest questions ever! (JKJK)

Thanks for reading!! :)

Click on the links below to find out more about Karla.

You can check out her work at: Karla Rae Photography

Make sure to visit her Facebook Page: Karla Rae Photography


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